XFMRS Group Charitable Contributions

Posted by admin on Oct 05, 2017 in Company News

Since our first corporate mission statement almost 20 years ago, XFMRS has maintained a stance to give back to our community. Allocating a minimum of 5% of all net proceeds for charitable giving has always been critical to all of us at XFMRS. In addition, from profit sharing in the beginning, to the XFMRS ESOP that began in 2004, it has been our firm belief that XFMRS has a requirement to be faithful servants to our associates. To provide a more focused impact, XFMRS is proud to partner with THE IMBURGIA FOUNDATION to further these goals both locally, and in what each year becomes our smaller world.

  • The many activities The Foundation undertakes includes but is not limited to:
  • To further God’s work here on this earth.
  • To provide:
  • Food for the soul and human body.
  • Education for the soul and human body.
  • Missionary purpose and opportunity for the soul and human body.
  • To engage in general charitable actions and activities generally.
  • To hold, sponsor and/or participate in activities designed for the purpose of fundraising.
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